Cropped Burnt Top

Last summer I knitted Burnt from Indigo by Kim Hargreaves in a gorgeous green shade of Rowan Cotton Glace.

It was a lovely fit – but I wanted to wear it tucked into skirts and it felt too bulky/warm around the waist and hips for that. So I decided to crop it!

I unpicked the side seams, picked up the row of stitches just after the hip decreases and chopped the bottom section off. I then knitted a reverse st st edge to match the neckline and sleeve edges.

I’m much happier with it – it feels a lot cooler and more comfortable. I love the style and the fit so I’ve also cast on a black version which will be a similar length. 

I’m looking forward to sewing some comfy summer skirts to go with my summer tops!

Esme Cardigan

I finally finished my Esme Cardigan!Esme Cardigan by Kim Hargreaves | Jem Weston blog

I’m not exactly sure when I started knitting it, but I do know that it was on both my make-nine-2018 and 2019 plans. It didn’t actually take too long but I knitted many other things throughout (including all the samples for Cosy Alpaca Knits!).

I’m thrilled with it. And yes… I do already have other teal cardigans! My Frankie cardie is more of a summer garment because I can’t get my winter coat over the sleeves. And I wasn’t wearing my Wave cardie – so I decided to let it go and Esme is the replacement.

Esme is knitted in Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace stranded together, which creates a beautifully light and fluffy fabric. The pattern is in Grace by Kim Hargreaves.

I knitted the smallest size, but added a bit of length (I have a long body) and I also blocked out the width a bit so that it’s not snug across the hips.

Esme Cardigan by Kim Hargreaves | Jem Weston blog

I decided that it would be unreasonable for this cardigan to be part of my make-nine for a third year! But it was a WIP so it means I’m sticking to my 2020 rule…

How are your 2020 knits going so far?

Lilac by Kim Hargreaves (my wedding cardigan!)

Well it was only seven months late for the wedding… but I finally finished my cardigan!

It still doesn’t have buttons… I did buy some, but they’re a bit weddingy. I’d like some simple mother of pearl ones but haven’t found the right thing yet. It doesn’t have buttonholes anyway as you put the buttons through the eyelets so I think it looks okay without.

It’s really nice having a cardigan in this colour! It feels really summery and goes with everything. As it’s cotton – I can always dye it if it starts to look grubby (which it inevitably will).

It fits really nicely and the length is great with most of my summery clothes – but I think I was right that it wouldn’t have worked with the shape of my wedding top. Good job we had a heatwave last year!

It was a a pain in the bum to knit, but I think it was worth it. It’s knitted on 2.25mm & 2.75mm needles so I decided to use metal needles… and confirmed that tiny metal needles and cotton yarn with no stretch are a very bad combination if you have wrist/hand/elbow pain!

The pattern is Lilac from Breeze by Kim Hargreaves and I knitted it in Rowan Summerlite 4ply. The book is now out of print – but there is a similar cardigan (Tally) in her more recent book Sway.

I have some gorgeous coral Summerlite 4ply and really want to knit Tally as well… but I definitely need to pace myself with tiny needle/lace pattern/cotton knitting!

Rowan SS19

This week saw the launch of the new Rowan Spring/Summer collection. That means that sitting in the garden sipping a spritzer in a floppy hat is just round the corner yes? Come rain, snow or shine – I will be doing some work in the garden this weekend and dreaming about summer knitting!

Here are my favourites…

Mareel by Sarah Hatton in Cotton Cashmere from Rowan Magazine 65.

Witter by Martin Storey in Softyak DK from Rowan Magazine 65.

Yatlen by Grace Jones in Kidsilk Haze from Rowan Magazine 65.

Puffin by Georgia Farrell in Summerlite DK from Rowan Summerlite Horizons.

Blenny by Martin Storey in Summerlite 4ply from Rowan Summerlite Horizons.

Tern by Georgia Farrell in Summerlite 4ply from Rowan Summerlite Horizons.

Happy Knitting!

New for Yarndale 2018

Introducing Frank the Fox!

Knit Frank the Fox by Jem Weston

Frank will be joining me at Yarndale where he will be launched as a kit including yarn and a printed pattern. He is knitted in my favourite Rowan Felted Tweed with a cosy Kid Classic scarf.

Knit Frank the Fox by Jem Weston

If you can’t make it to Yarndale this year – fear not! Frank kits will be available from my online shop shortly after the show.

Knit Frank the Fox by Jem Weston

I love exhibiting at Yarndale… I can’t wait to see you all and get fully immersed in lovely woolly Autumn vibes!


Rowan Autumn/Winter

I’m still hoping we have some summer left, but the cooler weather has got me looking forward to Autumn and snuggly jumpers!

August brings us the launch of the new Rowan collection and Magazine 64 is a special ruby anniversary edition to celebrate 40 years of Rowan!

Here are my top picks…

Cinnabar by Galina Carroll

Cinnabar by Galinna Carroll

Knitted in Cashmere Tweed and Alpaca Soft DK with Kidsilk Haze embroidery, this is a gorgeous bit of cosy winter wardrobe luxury!

Redwood by Sarah HattonRedwood by Sarah Hatton

A lovely classic jumper knitted in one of my favourite yarns – Kid Classic

As well as the anniversary edition of the main mag, Rowan have launched a gorgeous new yarn – Alpaca Classic. It’s so soft, fluffy, lightweight and lovely to knit with… I have patterns in the planning!

I’m also loving the new Around Holme book – a collection of classic, wearable garments by Lisa Richardson using Felted Tweed, Valley Tweed and Cashmere Tweed.

Malham by Lisa Richardson

I always like to have a simple knit on the go and I love this really simple, classic cardigan knitted in Valley Tweed. The yarn creates such a lovely texture that it doesn’t necessarily need a textured stitch.

New Vintage DK is a great collection of designs from Lisa Richardson, Martin Storey, Sarah Hatton, Vibe Ulrik, Georgia Farrell and Quail Studio.

Mullion by Sarah Hatton in Softyak DK

How beautiful is this?! I’m in love with that lace panel in the back.

Gallerie by Georgia FarrellGallerie by Georgia Farrell in Alpaca Soft DK

I love the relaxed shape of this cardigan and it would be so gorgeously soft and cosy in Alpaca Soft.

Are you planning your Autumn/Winter knits yet?

Knit Break

I’ve had a bit of an enforced break from knitting this week. Partly because I had a lot of late night beading sessions working on my wedding top… but mostly because of wrist pain!

I don’t know if I twinged it, slept on it awkwardly or if I’ve just knitted through repetitive strain injury for too long… but it’s feeling much better after not knitting and wearing a wrist support for most of the week. I got a lot of sewing done and I’ve managed to do a few rows over the last couple of days.

Whenever I can’t knit – all I can think about is knitting! I’ve got lot’s of new designs planned that I want to start swatching and while taking part in Me Made May I realised that I’m really short on summer tops.

The new Kim Hargreaves book launched this week and it’s gorgeous! I want to knit all the things! But I’m staying focused on knitting the yarn I have and making garments that fit into my capsule wardrobe.

So I’m mostly dreaming about knitting all of these…

Burnt by Kim Hargreaves from Indigo.

I love the keyhole detail at the back and just happen to have exactly the right amount of Cotton Glace in a beautiful green! This will be the perfect little summer top with skirts.

Beaches by Kim Hargreaves from Echoes.

I’ve had a pack of the now discontinued Siena 4ply in black kicking around for a while and I think this would make a really useful and flattering top.

Sarah Hatton summer top from Simply Knitting magazine.

I adore this top and I’m hoping to have enough Summerlite 4ply left over from my wedding cardigan to knit it!

Tally from Sway by Kim Hargreaves.

Not a summer top as such… but I’m really excited about knitting a coral cardigan to replace my tatty old shop bought coral/orange cardigan!

With all the wedding makes I need finish and work knitting I have to do – it’ll be a miracle if I finish knitting any of these before the end of the year… but I can dream!


A while ago I was in a quandary about what to cast on next. I had so many things I wanted to knit! And a good stash of yarn to knit from – so I asked you to tell me where to start.

It was a draw between Buttrick by Martin Storey and Mazarin by Kim Hargreaves. Thanks for helping me to narrow it down! As you’ve probably guessed from the blog title – I decided to start with Buttrick.

It’s a wide fitting jumper with a lot of cable and fisherman’s rib sleeves. So, even though Hemp Tweed is aran (ish) – it wasn’t super quick to knit. But definitely worth it!

I loved knitting with hemp tweed and it’s equally lovely to wear. It’s unbelievably warm & cosy so I’m disappointed that I didn’t have it ready earlier – but I heard a rumour we’re getting more snow at Easter… so I know what I’ll be wearing!

Yarn provided by Rowan


I finished knitting Meriden by Amy Herzog last weekend and I absolutely love it!

It was perfectly timed for the freezing cold weather we’ve had this week and it actually snowed the first time I wore it. It’s like wearing a blanket – it’s so warm and cosy! But Kid Classic is also beautifully light so it doesn’t feel bulky.

I initially bought this yarn to knit a replacement Teal cardigan but decided I wanted to knit something different. It’s knitted sideways which I think might stop the length growing too much…but it did mean there were a million stitches. So when I went wrong on the first lace section I decided to just leave it and thought it looked okay. After completing the lace panel I decided that it would annoy me too much so I went back and re-knitted. It’s been a labour of love!

I missed some rows from the middle section to make it a bit narrower. Mostly because I was desperate to finish and wear it!

I love this shade of Kid Classic so much (canard) – I would say it’s my perfect colour. I’m glad I knitted this instead of another cardigan – it’s lovely to have something I can throw on with anything and feel really good in.

What’s your perfect colour?