Gift Knitting

Now that all the Christmas gifts have been gifted… I can show you what I made!

A beautifully soft scarf in Rowan Selects Cashmere for my Mum.

A super soft and squishy scarf in Rowan Selects Cashmere (held double) with Rowan pom poms for Beardie’s Mum.

Socks for Dad – knitted in gorgeous Fruitful Fusion hand-dyed 4ply. This was so lovely to knit with!

And a last minute addition of some little Origami Booties for our new nephew. I love this pattern by Sarah Hatton so much! I was planning to make five pairs, but time ran away from me.

It’s been a while since I made this many Christmas gifts – I was just in the mood for doing a few small projects, and it was lovely to be able to gift my knitting time! It then felt like a real treat to work on a garment for myself over Christmas.

Did you knit/make gifts this year? Did you get them finished in time?!

Rowan Selects Cashmere & pom poms – gifted from Rowan Yarns.