Summer Tops

It’s August… and that means that Rowan have launched their lovely new Autumn/Winter collections! Although I’m looking forward to Autumn (always) I’m not going to share my top picks with you yet because I’m feeling much too summery.

I’ve become very aware this summer that I don’t have many clothes to wear when it’s really hot. I have very few strappy dresses or tops and those I do have are either too warm (ie- not breathable fabric) or rather worn and tired.

So I’m on a mission to make as many summer tops as I can before the weather turns cooler and I get distracted by wool and cosy cardigans.

I have a vest top which is a good size and shape for me – so I’ve traced the pattern and I’m planning to make three new versions. One in some leftover teal fabric from my petal sleeved Scout Tee, one using fabric from an old dress that shrunk and doesn’t fit and a third in some rather beautiful Liberty Lawn.

Of course – if I make the first and don’t like it I’ll go back to the drawing board and use a proper pattern!

I also kept seeing gorgeous versions of the Ripple Bralette by Jessie Mae pop up on Instagram and I’ve fallen in love with it!

Above: @a.beagan.handmade @yarn_bard @aleichiaknits

I’m trying to whizz through knitting my Kim Hargreaves Burnt top so that I can cast on a Ripple Bralette and hopefully get that done before the end of summer too!

Which knitting season are you in?!


Knit Dreaming

I’ve been very busy with work knitting over the last few months and have found myself doing an awful lot of daydreaming about what I’ll knit for myself when I have more free time. I’m feeling really excited about doing some selfish knitting soon!

Since watching the Minimalists documentary I’ve been thinking a lot about capsule wardrobes. I love the idea of project 333 where you wear only 33 items for 3 months. Some people seem to then stick with 33 items permanantly – but as a knitter would find it too restrictive as I have approx 30 knitted garments…and I don’t want to get rid of them!

I had a big wardrobe clear-out recently and I’m planning to play the minimalism game in June so I’m sure I’ll clear out more – but I’m starting to feel like I have nothing to wear. I guess I’ve now done the first stage of clearing out the things I never wear and the next step is to make a plan of what my capsule wardrobe should include….and then go shopping/make things to fill the gaps!

I started thinking about a capsule Winter knits and capsule Summer knits wardrobe last year – so with potential selfish knitting time looming I’m very keen to make sure the project I choose to knit next fits in with this.

I have 9 balls of beautiful Rowan Softyak (in teal of course) and this will be perfect for knitting with through the summer. It’s mostly cotton but the yak gives it a lovely soft feel so it’s great to wear for any season – but not too woolly to knit in the garden on a warm day!

Initially I was planning to knit Posee by Marie Wallin – but I’ve decided I will get more wear out of a cardigan so I’ll come back to the jumper section of my capsule wardrobe at a later date.

So then I was very tempted by the gorgeous Bayberry by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Mag 61….but sadly 9 balls isn’t enough.

Then I pretty much settled on Padina by Lisa Richardson. It’s a lovely neat little cardie perfect for summer and I have enough yarn…but simple as it is – I decided I wanted something even simpler! After working on new patterns for the last few months and doing lots of knitting maths, I really want some mundane, simple knitting with vast expanses of stocking stitch so that I can switch my brain off!

I might change my mind again before starting – but after raiding my Kim Hargreaves library I found Frankie in Breeze and it’s exactly what I had in mind.

The original pattern used Pima Cotton which was a dk so it should work nicely in Softyak. I will need one extra ball which I can use for the cuffs and pocket lining as it will be a different dye lot.

It’s simple but an interesting shape/fit and will cover the “long casual summer cardie” part of my capsule wardrobe!

I can’t wait to get started! What are you knitting this summer?