Minimalism – Feeling the Benefit

It’s been a full month since I finished the Minimalism game and although I’ve not been counting – I’m sure I’ve got rid of at least the same amount of stuff again!

I’ve done big clear-outs before, but this time it feels different. I’m not just getting rid of a few things so that my stuff fits in to the space I have – I’m gradually getting rid of everything I don’t use, wear or love and putting in place systems so that I acquire less “stuff”.

We now have a bookcase which has virtually no books left on it and empty boxes under the bed and on top of my wardrobe which were once stuffed to bursting! At some point we’ll have to decide which pieces of furniture to keep because with less stuff to store we need less furniture to store it.

The process is difficult. The most time-consuming part so far has been moving my bookkeeping over to a digital system. I’ve always preferred to have paper copies of all my receipts and invoices, but then I don’t have a digital back-up of the receipts and it takes up space. So I’ve started the laborious task of scanning in all of my receipts for the last tax year and shredding all the paperwork. It’s a pain! But I feel like I’m investing the time now to save time and space in the future so it feels good.

Part of me wishes I’d done a “packing party” where you pack up the entire house as if you’re moving (covering furniture in sheets) – and anything you’ve not unpacked after 21 days you get rid of! But that was far too extreme for me so I’m plodding along and gradually getting on top of things.

I’m really starting to feel the benefits of this process though. I’ve been away a lot in July and packing and unpacking is so easy when you have less stuff! I can open my drawers without them getting stuck because I’ve squished too much in and I can see exactly where everything is because it’s all folded vertically. My teenage self would be rolling her eyes at how much pleasure I’m getting from a tidy chest of drawers!

I know that some of you felt inspired to get minimal after my previous blogs so I hope you’re feeling the benefits too. And if you’ve watched the Minimalism documentary, want to be a minimalist but don’t know where to start – I would recommend reading Simplify by Joshua Becker. Its a quick read, gives a realistic veiw of the benefits of minimalism and talks you through how he became a “rational minimalist”.

I’m hoping to finish “phase one” by the end of this year. Phase two will involve going back through all the items where I’ve thought – I will get rid of this…but I don’t feel ready just yet. This might involve getting rid of more yarn…unless I can find a reason to keep everything in my remaining stash!